Hi, my name is Sebastian Andaur. I was born in Constitución, Chile the day of the final match of the 1994 FIFA World Cup.

Sometimes I believe that I’m a designer, sometimes more of an Art Director, some other times I work as a VJ for really cool bands and I have even done art exhibitions in France. I pretty much do everything I can do. 

People like to put where they have been featured. Me too. I’ve been on dozens of magazines and books from Advanced Photoshop to JOIA magazine and I’ve given talks and lectures to students and other designers many many times over the last years. One time I even organized a design festival at my design school called “DEFONK FEST︎” which consisted of a day of talks, live music and live art. I even had a radio show called “DEFONK RADIO” where I interviewed as much local artists, designers and musicians as I could; you can find some episodes of it on youtube︎ (it’s in spanish though)

Anyways, I’d probably like to work with you. I’m currently working as a freelancer from Santiago.

I’ll let you know if we can do something. Just send me an email to:

︎ » hello@andaur.tv

Also, follow me on instagram ︎  http://instagram.com/andaur929 — that’s pretty much the only social network I care to use.
Sebastián Andaur — 2018